Silly three-way ride through a wacky Sexy Switzerland

P1 steers the wheel to avoid volcanoes, unicorns and pirate ships, P2 massages the heart and P3 sweeps the blood off the windscreen - all of them sharing the same game controller.
What's the mission of the S.S.S.C.F.A.T.T. - Super Sexy Swiss Cardio Frenetic Ambulance Transplant Team?
To deliver a living heart along with some MASSIVE FUN!


Gameplay: (the DEMO)


  • five unique worlds - Sexy Switzerland, Space, Jungle, Hell and Modern Art
  • dozen crazy obstacles in each world - volcano, godzilla, evil snowman, a bunch of monkeys playing poker - we've got it all!
  • bonuses to save your life, modifiers to drive you mad
  • distinctive "5-year-old-kid" styled visuals
  • original bodily sound effects
  • ...a potential for massive party fun!!!11

Reviews & mentions

Hall Of Fame

To gain some attention, we have announced a Video Challënge - we invited Let's Play video makers to record their take on SSS, which would be rewarded by creating new obstacles in their name.

Those who stood up to the challenge are: Azurite, FunzoGuru, Koxy & Skytts, RyanX00 and TheTanZelShow. All of the LP monsters are now a part of the OUYA version of the game. Azurite receives a life-time honorary title of Super Sexy Swiss Master for he was able to finish the game all by himself.


The base of this game has been created during Game Jam Prague, which was a part of the Global Game Jam 2013.

Why Swiss? The ambulance should have been a white car with a red cross. We've got it mixed up and since the white cross on a red field is a flag of Switzerland - voilá, we've got ourselves the theme!

The authors

S.S.S.C.F.A.T.T. is a joint project of Please Wait ( Syky & Moti ) and Jarnik.

We are a group of fellow indie developers, making games that we want to play.

Follow us: @Jarnik | @Syky | @Moti


OUYA: Super Sexy Swiss

Android: (coming fall 2013)

PC: Ludum Dare version DEMO (full version coming fall 2013)