Challënge Details

We know you are a professional video maker, so just keep in mind to

  • record gamescreen AND your voices
  • show us how you beat the game OR how much you suck at it
  • upload the video to YouTube
  • tweet the video with a hashtag #supersexyswiss
  • challënge ends on May 1, 2013

Who are we?

S.S.S.C.F.A.T.T. is a joint project of Please Wait and Jarnik.

The game has been created during Game Jam Prague, which was a part of the Global Game Jam 2013.


We choose OUYA as our starting platform, because making a real console game has always been our dream and OUYA is open enough to make it happen.

S.S.S.C.F.A.T.T. will be available on OUYA in summer 2013.

What comes next?

Stay tüned, our super sexy team is working hard to deliver the most frenetic mobile action imaginable...

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